We use cookies to track and understand how people use our website. Below you can find information on the following topics:

  • what are cookies?
  • how do we use cookies?
  • how can I manage cookies?

If you do not agree with the terms presented here, please do not use our website.

1) What are cookies?

Cookies are text files placed on your computer or other device when you visit a website. Each time you visit our site, the cookie is transmitted back to our website or a different website that identifies the cookie.

Cookies enable us to e.g. identify your device when you return to our site, store your preferences and choices, improve your user experience and adapt the advertisements you see on this website or further web services that you may access.

More information on cookies is available on the website

2) How we use cookies

We use different types of cookies on our website. Cookies can be classified in terms of how long they are stored for as well as how they are used.

In terms of length of storage, we use both temporary and permanent cookies. Temporary cookies are stored only until you restart your browser. We also use permanent cookies which are stored for a longer predetermined period.

Strictly necessary cookies

Some cookies are necessary in order for our website to technically function and for you to be able to use it. These cookies do not collect data on the user that could be used for marketing purposes or to track the user’s choices or preferences.

Performance cookies

Performance cookies

Our performance related cookies collect information on how users use our website (e.g. most visited pages, possible error messages). These cookies do not collect identifiable user information, are completely anonymous and are only used to improve our website’s functionality.

Our website uses Google Analytics cookies. The data collected by these cookies are stored on Google’s servers, some of which may be located outside the EU and are in such cases subject to their local data protection regulations. More information on Google’s privacy policies and on how to manage Google Analytics tracking is available below:

Google Analytics privacy overview

Opt out of Google Analytics tracking

Functionality cookies

Functionality cookies enable our websites to remember your individual preferences and details (e.g. user details and language and region settings). These cookies also provide an improved and more personalized user experience.

Third-party cookies

Our websites also include buttons and facilitate sharing content on different online platforms and on social media. If you use these buttons, the service you select may store a cookie on your device. These cookies are not managed by us. More information on how to manage third party cookies is available on the website of the third-party service in question.

Our website may accept cookies related to such third-party services. These may include for example advertising displayed through Facebook’s or Google’s services.

3) How can I manage and remove cookies?

Most web browsers accept cookies, but it is usually possible to adjust the browser’s settings so that no new cookies will be stored, all existing cookies will be deactivated or removed or so that a notification is presented before any new cookie is stored.

If you want your web browser to prevent cookies from being used or stored, adjust your settings according to your browser manufacturer’s instructions (these settings are usually found under a menu like Tools, Edit or About). More detailed instructions are available at If you don’t allow cookies to be stored or used, some of our websites’ functionality may not work correctly. Opting out of a particular cookie or a class of cookies does not remove cookies from your browser. You have to do this yourself directly from your browser.

4) Future policy changes

We will give notice of any future changes in our policies regarding cookies here, and we may also highlight these changes on our websites.

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