About my art

My paintings come about slowly, building layer upon layer. Much like a metaphor, they don’t unpack fully when put into words. What emerges, rather than a single story, is a collection of overlapping stories.

In all my paintings I aim to create interesting surfaces and colour harmonies. I tend to move somewhere between the figurative and the abstract while also balancing between detailed techniques and more broad, atmospheric washes of colour. I primarily paint with brushes but also use printing techniques to create different kinds of organic textures.

For inspiration I mostly turn to human beings and nature. My current paintings depict constellations of different kinds of organic shapes. These paintings examine the material processes called ”life” and the boundary between living and non-living matter. As a motif living processes fascinate me because of their ambiguous nature: they are easy to understand at the practical level, but very hard to define philosophically.

The surfaces in my paintings are mostly created by layering, which means they also need time to dry in between. This gives the paintings room to breathe — and I get an opportunity to let go of them, and to see them afresh as I return to them. I find that this slow process produces paintings that reward revisiting and provide ample ground for the viewer’s gaze to wander in.

Latest exhibition

Suon pinnassa 21

Galleria Koppelo
Kauppakatu 14, Tampere


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